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Hospitality Strategies

Strategies for the reinvention of the hotel industry suited to the new world scenario.

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TH2 together with Unique Stays in Ideas Labs have designed some measures and considerations that can be useful. Determining contributions to the survival of the business and strategic positioning that ensure the recognition of the value of luxury accommodation properties and charming hospitality.

We believe that this will not be the end of boutique hotels, of charm. We are going through challenging periods, finding here, therefore, an opportunity to stand out, select and filter. We will be able to continue to serve our niche of bon-vivants and we want to make ourselves known to new profiles of national clients, who reinvent themselves and understand that trips must be more intentional, with value and meaning.

Hotel Key

Opening with Reduced Capacity

We advise not to fill the offer, opening with -40 or -50% of the total offer, allowing a smaller number of occupied rooms per corridor, avoiding contact between guests. We also advise you to close each room after check-out for a period of 3-4 days.

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Breakfast à la carte

We advise the abolition of the buffet breakfast at this stage and opt for a breakfast menu that avoids contact between guests and favors the service.

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Exclusive Services & Areas

Assuming the service of concierge and manager of guest wishes, manage your schedule during your stay, allowing you to schedule the use of services (gym, swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, living room) to perform cleaning between uses and ensure the customer's unshared use

Seu & dela Camas

Room Service

No costs at this stage, even if the customer leaves the house intending to enjoy different services and spaces, show an openness to perform services and ensure that the room has the conditions for it (table, candle to neutralize food odors , timely collection of trays, etc)

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Limit Restaurant Capacity

Limiting the capacity of the dining space does not necessarily need to be exclusive, but respect the recommended distances 2 to 4 meters

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Breakfast & Meal Rates

Enabling the customer to have meals without the obligation to choose a priori dinner, lunch, choosing on the day. The customer may have no other restore option or may not trust. Make the kitchen more flexible.

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Flexible Reserves

Re-design rates by season, by duration, by number of rooms and make cancellations up to 48 hours before arrival flexible and with the possibility of rebooking

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They will allow for some cash flow without compromising the customer entirely. Streamline reservations and offer benefits in the offer (delivery of voucher at the door or virtually with personalized message). We offer vouchers valid for 2 years

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Keep in touch

Now more than ever you must take care of the relationship with him so that he remembers himself empathically. Share blog posts with recipes, send a note assuring you are well, mention experiences and activities on your property (and nearby that are open and/or accessible: parks, gardens, bicycle tours), remember previous stays, celebrate anniversaries remembering, etc.

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Promote Mobility

The customer will prefer their own vehicle instead of transfers or tours indoors. Have scooters and electric bicycles with a disinfection seal

Wine & Pintura Noite

take care of your customer

Schedule pick-nick baskets, snacks and wine hours taking care of the guest during their stay

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