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Corporative identity

The stories of the brands are the most fascinating and this one is quite true: there was once a company made up of a passion for charming hotels, obsession with hospitality and a focus on service. We form teams, launch projects, audit departments.

T for Tourism. H for Hospitality and 2 to square projects, enhance them, optimize them. This is our constant challenge of this company founded in 2007 by me, dreamer of its name Catarina Varão .

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Inspired, Professionals and above all "Doers"


Committed to the best result and success of the team, Luis is a tireless perfectionist. With a degree in Hotel Management, he has worked in restaurants such as “Tasca do Joel”, “AdLib” and “Bastardo”, as well as in hotels such as Sofitel, Vila Galé Ópera and Internacional. He is a natural wine lover, trainer and F&B consultant th2


Hotelier by profession, Consultant and Trainer by vocation, David is Manager of Operations and Marketing in Hospitality, rigorous in his strategy and creative in achieving the established goals. He has a degree in Business Communication and Marketing with postgraduate degrees and a master's degree in the area.


She is our Housekeeping and Room Organization Trainer and Consultant, but also the Project Manager and Coordinator, responsible for the administrative and commercial part. It has an incredible multitasking ability that fits perfectly with its Northern accent.


Graduated in Accounting, it was in the 7th art that he found his fascination. Passing through schools such as Etic in Lisbon and Film Academy in New York, he became a specialist in multimedia content, from clip animation, to video directing, production and post-production, having as his most recent specialty aerial filming with the capture of incredible scenes captured from the heights.


She is the Communication and Public Relations expert, ensuring the life and continuity of B2B projects. In his curriculum, he has experiences of Excellent Customer Service in accommodation, Communication at the Catholic University of Portugal and an endless amount of joviality and creativity.


With a degree in Visual Arts and Technologies with a background in Design, th2 creative is a renowned blogger. He looks for inspiration in his passion for photography, typography and branding, being a reference in the creation of pop-up books and board games for companies.

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