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Sexual Health in Hospitality

Updated: Mar 8

Yes, it's always social media's fault, but here it's not indifferent. It is an old Marketing technique to use content that provokes, that seduces with sexy copywriting that makes us imagine, desire and acquire. In the hotel industry there is a marriage of these communication strategies in networks where the role of ambassadors, influencers and other hotel visitors emphasizes the sensuality behind communication.

The role of ambassadors when visiting a hotel is to make followers imagine themselves enjoying all the services and highlight this same services as desirable. However, when viewing your experiences on social media, the role of these influencers takes on another importance. According to the experiences lived and published, the hotel positions itself in the market not only by adhering to the positioning of those who publish (the ambassadors), but also by the services advertised and the way they are provided.

The same extends to the nature of other visitors' publications, in the republication (repost) of images and texts that often portray special and intimate moments. And in a raw way, the hotel leverages its communication to the depth of each moment experienced by guests, whose scenery, music, decoration and environments were carefully provided by the hotel and its team, in an applied curation. We are thus exposed to what can be experienced and felt in a hotel in the open and often even live. And it brings us to the theme of awakening sensuality, the importance of doing nothing, the imperative that well-being assumes in places where there is calm and awareness of the value of the present and the intentional and relative activities that each guest must embrace to better enjoy your time, your existence in a hotel.

Last January, conde nast traveler published on Instagram “Why sexual wellness is the new travel trend we need to talk about” - and about this, we already understand the “why” and where this connection came from, therefore being decisive, following the work already carried out by hoteliers who recognize the importance of wellness, mindfulness and good practices that promote mental health in tourism and hospitality. The “how” is important and continuing this work and extending it to sexual health. And just like other practices that promote mental health (good nutrition, yoga activities, meditation retreats, etc.), it is also important here how, in a non-intrusive way, hotels can promote sexual health or reflect on the range of services available. in a hotel, a wellness mindset in this field.

Along with a mini bar with peanuts, chocolates and sparkling wine, it is increasingly common to find sex kits available in rooms, which include sanitary wipes, condoms and small sex toys. What are other renowned hotels and chains doing in this field and how can sexual wellness be monetized? But what should a hotelier do or provide, ensuring both an adequate positioning and the due respect (or conservatism) that the topic deserves?

  • possibility of booking the spa exclusively

  • spa for adults only

  • sex challenge different ideas/message by the concierge available by appointment or online, at the end of the day in the form of a turn-down service (requested when booking) and in this field we focus on topics such as body, identity, psychological well-being, emotional connection , etc

  • massages for two

  • massage workshop for couples

  • erotic creative writing workshops

  • talk sessions where breaking taboos are regularly addressed on topics related to sexuality and well-being

  • extended babysitting service and children's activities in hotels that are not adults only

And because the topic is delicate and in sexual health in hospitality the focus is to promote awareness of the impact that sexual activity has on the immune system, mental, physical, emotional and psychological health in general, recognising the role that hotels play as generators of “moments of good life”. Once again, as with all services, it is important to adapt to the identity of each accommodation and attitude towards the new activities to be offered.

TH2 provides a team of hotel consultants who, together with a team of sexologists and creatives, can advise on the best initiatives and services to adopt at your property. Schedule a free session of up to 30 minutes online here.

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