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Types of Breakfast in a Hotel

Known as the most important meal of the day, breakfast in the hotel world has become one of the most important amenities. It is the first contact of the day that the guest has with the hotel, so it is important to provide an authentic experience, offering a delicious moment with the mixture of different aromas. From the moment of booking until arrival at the hotel, guests are looking forward to what they will have for breakfast, which is why it is important to master the art of preparing this superb meal.

There are many types of breakfast in hotels, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

1- Continental

Originating in the UK hotel industry, this breakfast is a simpler, lighter option consisting of croissants and bread rolls served with a variety of side dishes such as butter, jellies, jams, marmalade and more. In addition to sweets, they can also serve options like cheeses, ham in addition to fruits, yogurts and cereals. Among the drinks you can't miss the freshly brewed cup of coffee, but also juices or even a glass of milk.


An English breakfast is a complete meal that includes bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried tomato, mushrooms, eggs (scrambled or fried) and toast or fried bread. Tea is the usual accompaniment. This protein-rich meal is perfect for a guest planning a long day and allowing for a lighter lunch! A tip, offer smaller proportions for people who don't eat a lot in the morning.


This breakfast is a combination of elements of the Continental and English breakfasts. It usually includes bacon, eggs (fried), chips, pancakes or waffles with butter or a sauce, toast with butter or jams, and coffee. It can be served buffet style, but is usually freshly prepared. It can also be a lighter option, this meal is healthy and well composed.

3 Ways to Serve Breakfast

The types of breakfast mentioned above can be presented in different ways:

Buffet: This presentation consists of a long table or counter where guests can help themselves and choose their favorite foods and eat as much as they want. It is very important to maintain high standards of organization, cleanliness and hygiene, preventing the risk of food contamination. A good presentation is essential for a quality experience.

A La Carte: With a calmer and more sophisticated atmosphere, serving a la Carte allows guests to order individual dishes or items for a more personalized experience and is a perfect option for smaller hotels. This way of serving does not have as many options as the Buffet, allowing you to guarantee and control the quality of food more efficiently and avoid wastage. The A la Carte breakfast allows us to offer our guests a charming experience.

Room Service: Adding a touch of luxury and charm to our hotel, the option of enjoying a superb breakfast in the comfort and tranquility of the room allows the guest to avoid the buffet confusion or eat in a full room. There are several ways to serve breakfast in the room, from disposable containers to washable dishes. The guest can also personalize their breakfast, through cards where they choose their favorite foods, breakfast boxes and even picnic baskets to add a touch of charm to the service.

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